Adding people using their email address while editing activities

I have issues searching for people using their email addresses while scheduling/ editing an activity. See the 'add people' section, if I search the person via their email address which I most commonly do , it asks me if I need to add them as my new contact as opposed to giving me the drop down of the existing person with that email so I can select. Unfortunately that search work only via the Contact Name. Requesting a change to include searching using email addresses as many names are same and sometime EXACTLY the same.

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    Hey, @Shruthi Dhanwanthary 

    Hope you are having a good week start.

    So, the logic in the add activity modal is:


    You can add/search a guest using email address (Since when you add a guest - that will send an invitation, so, an email address is being used for that and thus it is possible to search by email).

    And since the bottom part of the modal is to link a Deal/ Person/Organisation  to the activity created and has no relation to email address or emails being sent to contact - to avoid the confusion - it does not take an email address.


    Hope that makes sense,

    Kind regards.