Create a visual break between Contacts belonging to the current Organisation and others

Hi Pipedrive team,


This is a minor issue but I keep facing it :)


When on an Activity or Company card related to Company XYZ, you can do things like link the Activity to a Contact or send an email to a Contact.

When typing the Contact's name, a very helpful list of suggestions comes up. However, some of these suggestions might not be Employees belonging to Company XYZ.


For instance, let's say you have these 2 Contacts:

John Smith - Company ABC

John Smith - Company XYZ


When on Company XYZ's card, you might link an Activity or send an email to the wrong John Smith.

Now, I am not saying it should be impossible to send an email to someone from Company ABC when viewing Company XYZ's card. I'm just saying it would be good if there were a visual cue that the Contact you're picking is from a different company - in order to help prevent mistakes from happening.


Keep up the good work!

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