Let's add some color to the calendar

Peter Eiseman_29693
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Hey PD community, let me know if you like this idea. I suspect that I'm not the only user that suggested this. I submitted a request to PD asking if they could add the capability of being able to color code the various tasks, meeting, events, calls, etc. that we create on the PD calendar just like we can on Google.

Since I'm so visual it really helps me in various ways to be able to color code the various items I add to my calendar.  For example all tasks are blue, all meetings -red, phone calls - purple, whatever works for you, you get the idea. 

I'd love to get some feedback on this. Thanks

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  • Flip Nolen
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    @Peter Eiseman I think this suggestion is a great idea. It would definitely help those who struggle to process an overwhelm of activities by making it easier to process. Thanks for posting.

  • Peter Eiseman_29693
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    Thanks Felicity. Yes, theres definitely an overwhelm of activities that are hard to sort out and keep track of. This would really help. 

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Thanks for sharing @Peter Eiseman I've added the "feedback" tag to your post so our team sees it!

  • Fabian Unger
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    @Peter Eiseman Great idea, we were just about to post a similar request! Colors in the calendar just like in google calendar would help us so much. Thanks a lot@Mike van der Valk for adding the feedback tag :) 

  • Peter Eiseman_29693
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    Hey @Fabian Unger, I was wondering why nobody elese had the same request. Glad to see that other people appreciate color as well as a way of organizing and grouping.