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How can I put emails into folders from pipedrive - or is that not a feature? If it is not a feature, has anyone figured out a workaround other than going back and forth between gmail and Pipedrive?

i.e. when i get an receipt from a service provider like my cell phone company and I want to put it in my gmail "receipts" folder.. do i have to go back to gmail? 

I am looking for the ability to work from one place - Pipedrive (with ability to do what i can from gmail) or from gmail with all the abilities I have in Pipedrive (via the chrome extension). 

However, so far I see that when in gmail and using the chrome extension, some features are missing - such as linking any email to any existing deal regardless of who it is from. This means I need to use the Pipedrive app to do email.. which is fine.. except for if I can not put emails into folders.. cuz then I need to go back to gmail... then I need to go back to gmail just to file an email.

Is there a plan to improve on this? Timeline?