Pull in Notes into custom filters

Elena Kazarov
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We have lots of information in the Notes field that users would like to pull in as a column when creating filters. Any plans to add Notes in as a filter option? Curiously, I've seen it in some Pipedrive helpdesk engineers screenshots....so it seems possible for insiders.

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Elena Kazarov only option right now I guess is to export the notes unfortunately we can't pull them in the list as of now :( I've seen some users create a custom field with long text type called note. Here they store the most important notes. This can then be pulled in the list as well.

  • Molinda Ramsey
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    I tell my users if they are going to take a note to tie it to an activity since notes can be added to the activity list view.  


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