Implement Detailed Product Selection in Beta Documents Tool

The PipeDrive Sales Documents tool is an excellent feature to be included with our Enterprise Subscription.  However, it's missing some key features, which is why it may not take hold in my organization. I may need to use other 3rd party software to fill the missing functionality

I would like the ability to select specific details from specific products and insert them into various areas of my sales document. For example, in the template I'm designing, I need to reference the sub-total of a recurring monthly subscription, which is based on the total quantity of products ordered.

My first workaround was to set-up  "Subscription" and "Hardware" pricing variations in PipeDrive's Products tool under the parent product. In my deals, we just add the same quantities of software as there is hardware. This results in a pretty decent looking product list / quote. However, I need to reference the subscription total, which will be a recurring monthly amount, later on in the sales document.

I consider this critical to the continued use of PipeDrive's Sales Documents tool. I feel like the easy solution would be to integrate with both Google Docs and Google Sheets. With Google Sheets, I could use a formula to reference the prior cell. When looking at the template, this would cause #N/A errors, but when a document is created and the cells are filled with numbers, the formulas would then function properly (easy in theory at least).



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    Thank you for the comment, Jeff!

    Vladimir from Pipedrive management team is here to hopefully help.

    It is great feedback! And I see how merging Sales docs and subscription as well as both of them working with placeholders would make it a flexible and complete bundle of tools, however,  I am not sure how easy that would be to  design since that will involve communication between internal Pipedrive features as well as external integrations.

    However, the suggestion is great and I. presented it to the product managers for a review.

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