Define type of meeting for Scheduler before sharing link.

As of now the customer receives an email confirming that they have scheduled a meeting with me after selecting a proposed time slot. When I then "convert" that meeting into a Teams meeting the customer receives another email with a link to the Teams.

If I was able to define the type of meeting before sharing the link, the confirmation could include an invite to the Teams meeting. That way the customer, and me, only receive one email confirming the meeting and less time is used clicking around in the activity.

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    Hi @Tor Øyvind Sjøvik 

    Good suggestion, passed it on to our team. I'm also using our scheduler at times. Then in the Google calendar I add a Zoom link but I can also choose not to send that update to the customer, perhaps it helps if you don't send that second email? Or you want to still notify them with the updated link I guess?

    Anyways, passing it on to the team!