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Hi guys, 
I thought that I would provide some feedback on your recent changes to the subject line of your Activity reminder emails. I'd like you to see how we are doing it. 

We need to see the name of the customer in the email list, to identify which reminder to click on and assign to each staff member and easily identify in the daily list. 

So the way we have had to do this is in each activity schedule, add the name of the customer in the activity heading. It then allows us to easily go to that customer from the list of activity reminder emails. We don;t need the time and duration at all and so find that annoying as it takes up valuable space in the subject line of the reminder email. 

We were wondering if you had considered adopting a feature which would allow us to determine, in settings, what to display in the subject line of activity reminder emails, including removing the phrase "Activity reminder". If we could disable that, disable the time and date and the duration and then be able to checkbox list to show the customer name as well as the subject line, it would be so much easier for us to use and navigate in our inboxes and also save time not having to manually type the customer name. Choosing the order in which the fields appear in the subject line would be great too. Screen space is always a premium as is ease of navigating long lists of emails.

if this feedback can be considered that would be great and I hope it's helpful for you to continue to develop your product.
Andrew Toulalan
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Subject line showing values we add and also want to remove
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    Hi @Andrew 

    Thank you for this very detailed explanation of your suggestion. This makes life a lot easier for us trying to understand it :) 

    I'm passing it on to our team working on activities!