Activity templates: specify default input values for specific activity type

Prokop Simek_26971
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I don't use workflow automation for scheduling of next activity because I want to personalize a date according to the client.


I'd like to have a possibility set default values for my activity type.

E.g. new activity "Follow Up" - prefilled activity date "today+7", prefilled name "Follow Up"

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Prokop Simek 

    Thank you for sharing, I've passed it on internally!

  • Vincent_27583
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    Being able to set a default yet dynamic default value for different Activities is also a pain point for me.


    I would like all my Activity X's to, by default, take place 7 days after the current time & date.

    I would also like their defaut Duration to be 15mn rather than 30mn.


    This would make a huge difference in terms of number of clicks required to get through an activity. @Roadmap Tech