Things I miss in Pipedrive: Person's employment history

Currently, when a person is linked to an organization the link has no time span as if the person always worked and will forever work for the organization. This is, of course, not the case in real life. People move between organizations, change emails and phone numbers. As of now, dealing with these changes in Pipedrive is a hassle. You have to either create a totally new entity for the person, which unfortunately breaks the history of your relationship with that person, or you have to keep records, accumulate no longer relevant email addresses in the person's profile and so on.

Breaking the history of relationships is not a good thing, because it's the relationships with people that matter in B2B.

From a software development perspective, the current way of linking persons to organizations is a poor basic abstraction. The Organization entity should be a slowly-changing dimension of the Person entity.

I know Pipedrive developers are busy adding tons of exciting cool features. Please don't forget to make the basics right too :)

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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Dmitry Gudkov 

    This is a super interesting suggestion, thanks for sharing. I'll pass it on to our team here!

  • Fernando Sousa
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    This, and contacts that are active in multiple organisations, are really basic features that every CRM must address. That's a situation we face everyday and will get worse as people move from jobs more frequently.

    why do you think LinkedIn was a success? Just check how LinkedIn keeps relationships history.

    Do we need to change CRM?