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Paul Wood_29660
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Hi All, I know this has been covered before but I thought I'd bring it up again in the hopes of it making its way into production some time soon!

Pipedrive has the ability to see multiple calendars when choosing a calendar to integrate it's activities/schedules/proposed times etc. The problem being is that it won't SYNC all of those calendars, it will only sync one at a time. This is extremely painful as soooo many people will have multiple calendars. The simple example being 'Personal' & 'Work'.

I want to make appointments/activities and send people proposed meeting invites that add appointments to my 'Work' Calendar only HOWEVER it must take the personal/other calendar appointments into account. For those other calendars, I don't want their appointments to be seen as activities in Pipedrive. I don't even want Pipedrive to edit or manipulate them in any way. In essence what is needed is the ability to "subscribe" to as many calendars as you like. This would mean I could subscribe to: 'public holiday calendar' 'football fixture calendar', 'personal calendar', 'personal training calendar', 'Birthdays Calendar' etc etc etc. Then Pipedrive and I would know that other things are happening and not to allow appointments for those time slots.

Note: It is super important that if a calendar is subscribed to, the status of 'Busy/Free' is read and understood by the Scheduler. This is important because on the 'Birthday Calendar' for example, It will show a full day event for one persons Birthday. I can still have appointments then, so it must show as "Free" (obviously the Calendar appointment would need to be marked as Free). Conversely a public holiday should be marked as "Busy".

Please please please make this happen Pipedrive team :) 

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  • Tim Nelson
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    Ditto to Paul's message. I'm testing Pipedrive out, and syncing only one calendar could be a deal-breaker. For now I'm forced to do my scheduling through my Google Account which has my personal schedule as well.  Is there a status on if/when this is going to be resolved?

  • Jonathan Jacobs_61719
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    This is an old issue ... any updates on it?

  • Jake Kushner (JLK)
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    +1 to this. Syncing multiple calendars (and even multiple email accounts, to that point) is essential. But multiple calendars from one account should absolutely be supported since Pipedrive has access to them already and most serious knowledge workers have more than one calendar within Google Cal or Office365 e.g. team meetings vs individual ones, group shared calendars, a home/personal life calendar etc. Not reading availabilities for Meeting Scheduler or syncing meetings for contacts from multiple calendars is RIDICULOUS. Every scheduling tool, from Calendly to ChiliPepper and ScheduleOnce can do this.

  • Art Janowiak
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    +1 Would love to sync my personal calendar so business meetings that are booked using scheduler know my availability. I do not put my personal events/agenda on my business calendar.

  • Jean-Michel Audet
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    Samething here. Sync Google, O365 and Apple at the same place like Calendly does will be nice. I like a categorized and colorized my Calendar (pro and perso) and do sub-calendar for direct invite, calendly, todo and pipedrive so I know which event have been plan/invite by who/which system.

  • Jake Kushner
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    Hey Folks, I still wish we had this but I found a possible workaround that is pretty one of a kind on the market as far as I can tell. CalendarBridge Sync ( lets you sync events between various google and outlook accounts in real time. So, one possible workaround is to either create a separate "rollup calendar" in your gcal, or a separate gmail account purely to serve as the "rollup calendar" and then sync all of your events from other accounts to it using CalendarBridge.

    What this solves:

    • You can use PD scheduler and have it effectively check multiple accounts for availability
    • You can see all of your daily meetings/events inside pipedrive


    • If you use PD scheduler then calendar invites will be sent from this rollup calendar's email addy
      • If that's a problem, I suggest making a new rollup calendar on your primary google account and just hiding it in the sidebar in google + disabling sync of reminders with CalendarBridge so that you aren't seeing doubles on your cal nor getting duplicate alerts.

    Curious if this would help anyone!

  • Hi @Paul Wood_29660 , @Art Janowiak ,

    I was working on a solution to these calendar-related issues on Pipedrive. Supermeet helps to connect multiple calendars and build a scheduler page that you can put anywhere, and collect leads/deals/bookings that can be routed to the right account owner by lead routing!

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  • Braden Schrock
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    @pipedrive any interest in solving this problem? The workarounds are not great.

  • KairoMalakai
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    Set up a Google Calendar account and subscribe to the calendars you want, like public holidays, personal events, or birthdays. Configure the synchronization between Pipedrive and Google Calendar, ensuring that only appointments from your "Work" calendar are imported as activities in Pipedrive.

  • pipdrive13
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    One way of solving this is would be using external services, such as OneCal, which sync all your calendars i real-time. This way the calendar Pipedrive is taking into account the availability, will have all the event of you all calendars.

  • Shutters and Shade
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    Why do we have to implement yet ANOTHER external, complicated, service to what is supposed to be a comprehensive tool here ... is SOLD as such.

    Need to be able to sync multiple email (google) calendars. We should be able to choose from a drop-down, and select which calender the item is to sync to.

    also interesting that I can't vote for this - the toggle won't go up - and this is likely what flags it as needing addressing by users