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Burke Cox
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I contacted support today because in my email the PipeDrive interface was showing ALL emails as "Shared".  My personal email settings limit sharing to only accounts linked to deals or contacts within Pipedrive. The support person shared with me that the "Shared" designation means that is how the system is set up, but other people should only be able to see it if it is linked to a deal or contact. 

This is highly confusing.

I would suggest adding a third option to the current Shared/Private nomenclature: Not Shared.

This would then demarcate between items that are actually visible to others (Shared), items that could be visible to others if they were linked to a deal or contact (Not Shared), and items that have been manually prevented from being visible to other (Private).

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    Hi @Burke Cox , thank you for your feedback!

    Right now there are no concrete short term plans to make these improvements. Unfortunately with many customers and requests and with limited development resources we need to prioritise and make choices what to deliver first. However, we have made sure our team will consider your suggestions for future developments.