Insights dashboards: rolling dates?

Elena Kazarov
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We often want to see "in the past 30 days...." or "in the past", what happened with a stage/pipeline. This helps us narrow in on Deal owners that aren't tracking or mistakes. Any way to create dashboards that match this kind of criteria? Examples:

  • Expected close date < 30 days from Today (with "Today" being something that updates automatically in the Dashboard, without the user having to change it)
  • RFP Release Date = in the past AND Status does not equal Proposal Submitted (is "in the past" possible?)

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    Hi @Elena Kazarov could you help me understand just a little better please. What exactly do you want to see and why do you want to see it?

    Is it just a filter? Or you literally want to see how the Pipeline looked like 30 days ago for example?