Integration with popular messaging apps (i.e. whatsapp and telegram)

These days the messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram have become very popular for many in the sales process. From contacts and leads coming in, to the actual client/prospect communications. It would be very nice if PipeDrive offered an out of the box integration with these type of platforms (similar to the slack integration that is offered). Other CRM's such as Amo CRM have offered this for some time now. 

The use case would be the ability to create a new contact from a whatsapp/telegram chat, or link to an existing contact, and create new deals (or link to existing deals) and have the chat conversation or if possible even the voice chat conversations get rolled over to PipeDrive in that deal. This would make life A LOT easier in terms of tracking and follow ups and having everything in one place as we currently have the e-mail communications.

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