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Hi There.  Been playing with Pandadoc integration for Doc signing and sales agreements and like what I see.  Our problem is with pricing.  Currently our master stock list will not work with Pipedrive.

As such I don't see a way of utilising the product list and pricing tools.  

We price each item individually and of course enter that in the deal value field, and can add additional fields for trade in value, deposit due etc.  I don't have a problem filling these in manually at the pipe drive deal stage. 

how ever when we want to then create a sales agreement in panda doc, uplifting these numbers from the pipedrive fields, then need it to be able to calculate tax  and total inclusive price as additional fields. 

I see Panda has a product fields table that can do the calculation but It doesn't look like it can pull source info from a deal field in pipedrive.

Does this make sense?

Any ideas greatly appreciated



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    Hi @Sam Vickers , have you tried our native Sales Documents feature? It pulls in data from Pipedrive and there are more developments on the way, see here.

    Learn all about it:


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