How to best calculate monthly recurring revenue as an agency

We signed a client for the value of 180k over 12 months (15k per month) in November for it starting in December. I want to accurately check what revenue is occurring in our pipeline every month. Currently we have this as 180k in November last year. The issue  is that we do not have that 180k falling into our revenue for this year when in fact most of it will occur in this financial year.

We also have during the year additional add ons in which they pay extra for services that they might need throughout the year. 

I understand that there is the recurring revenue feature however it is not great in tracking the revenue forecast for the year and there are some limitations. 

I would love some help on some possible solutions to help in the best way we should record this in Pipedrive.  Do we need to create a new deal for each month for 15k in the lifetime? The reason this is important as we track sales performance on a quarterly basis. We are currently unable to see revenue signed on retainers last year in our revenue for this year. 

We are on the Advanced plan with no possibility to go to the Professional plan. 

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    Hey @Sharon Williams, thank you for letting us know your user case.

    Maybe using different deals would be the best option/workaround for the moment, even though your Pipedrive may cluster a bit. 

    If you'd like to see more options, maybe you can check out with our Support team? Via [email protected] they can try to help by checking your data.

    I hope this helps, meanwhile have a great day!