Feature Request: Link Tasks and Emails

I received and email from a client with instructions to do some work.  This is not necessarily related to a current deal.  I created a task with a due date for the work.  It would have been nice if I could link the task to the email so I did not have to copy and paste the instructions from the client into the task.   A form platorm I used had this feature and it was very helpful.  From the email I could click a button that said "create task" and it would pre-populate the company it was related to and the body of the email would be the description. I would make a couple of edits to the text in the description and schedule my task. Made things very easy and less time-consuming. 

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    Thank you for your suggestion @Nicole Hicks , I've made sure it reaches our team internally for consideration when they work on future developments.

    Currently you can already create an activity from your Pipedrive inbox; when you're reading your email, click the "+ Activity" option :) Unfortunately it won't transfer or link the email content to the activity, like you mentioned, but it helps save you a step.