Is there a way to prompt the Mailigen Syncbot to run? (lists not syncing) Or a work around for Multi

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We are working on setting up our List and Segments in Mailigen, which requires toggling in between Pipedrive and Mailigen as I need to create custom fields in Pipedrive to drive the Segments. We emailed support last Friday about some other issues, and we still haven't heard back yet. (Is this normal? This is our first month, and we are used to the Pipedrive chat box, so haven't normally had to wait this long for support.)

We have a Master List filter we have set up in Pipedrive that we have synced with Mailigen for our overall umbrella list. Now we want to create segments to drive our automations and campaigns. To do that we created new fields in Pipedrive, and gave multiple option answers for it. However, the number of people with "EXISTING" in the field/Segment List condition in Mailigen does not match the number of people with "EXISTING" in that field/condition in Pipedrive. 

Initially I thought perhaps it was because of how Mailigen doesn't show the Multiple options and instead you have to create a condition that the Field "is" or "contains" and then manually type in the word. For this reason, I recreated new field answers in Pipedrive that were all different so there is no confusion for Mailigen. (Mailigen Tip for Improvement: Create your condition fields to be like Pipedrive's fields and sync so that people have a drop down like they do in Pipedrive Filters. Otherwise when the word "Education" is used in a field's multiple option answers in Pipedrive, it becomes impossible to use this field to create segments in Mailigen.) Again, to work around, I created new multiple option answers so they are all unique without "Education" overlapping into multiple answers. However, the count is still way off in Mailigen, in Mailigen the segment only lists 400+ contacts having EXISTING in the field now, however in Pipedrive there are 1200+ contacts that actually have the same field say "EXISTING" right now. 

So then I thought maybe it is a sync issue. I've tried Disconnecting and reconnecting the Pipedrive and Mailigen accounts entirely. Toggling it from Active to off and back Active again. Logging out and logging back in. Refreshing the browser. Yet, the two lists are still not synced and old field values are still showing up in Mailigen. Is there a way to get the Syncbot to actually run and match everything up again? It's been 59 minutes from the last sync. Previously that said 266 minutes before I disconnected and reconnected everything. 


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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the questions and feedback! 

    I agree, it would be best to have a call to discuss these questions- just sent you an email with some potential times.

    The maximum time for the sync to happen should be every 15 minutes. If it shows that last sync happened longer time ago,  you did the right thing to restart the syncbot. If it breaks again, it's best to contact our tech support using the support chat (Quick help -> Chat). My guess is that it might be connected with the account being expired. Now that it's active again, I'd restart or completely delete and add the syncbot. Will check this together with you during our call. 

    In cases when sync works properly, the amount of contacts don't match in case you have duplicates in Pipedrive. Mailigen doesn't allow duplicate emails within 1 list and syncs the most recent contact. Could that be the case? 

    Looking forward to our call, will help! 

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    Hi Gints, thanks for your reply. The account wasn't expired when all this happened, it was after we paid for the monthly service. And wasn't a case of duplicates, we have such a small list, we know many people on it, and it is such a large number off - it is now showing 116 where it should be 1279, and the only condition for the segment is one Pipedrive field set as "is" and then the exact one word answer typed in. Just emailed to set up a time to go over it in more detail. Thanks!

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    Mailigen is closing down

    These past 12 years have been an amazing ride, for which I’m incredibly grateful. I started Mailigen with a vision to offer streamlined, no-fuss marketing automation software to businesses that increasingly relied on communication to reach new audiences.

    Following our merger of Mailigen with Pipedrive, established thanks to a shared vision, we started working on a native email marketing solution, Campaigns by Pipedrive. Our goal is to bring sales and marketing teams together under one roof for aligned business communication and improved revenue potential.

    It is now time for our team to focus on this new solution, which we believe our customers will find incredibly helpful.

    You can sign up for the Campaigns waitlist here. 

    As Campaigns is sharing the same data that you already have in Pipedrive, there is no need for syncing and the platform will be much easier to use going forward.