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Viðskiptaráð Íslands
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Dear all,

I have been searching the knowledge base for how to best manage current customers. My main use for Pipedrive will be managing current client relationship rather than drive new sales.

Can anyone assist me in finding the best way or share experience on how to utilize Pipedrive to best manage current clients. Do you use the pipelines or what?

Best regards from Iceland 


  • Justus Lubahn
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    I'm also really interested in this. My collegues in the customer success department are considering using Pipedrive as well, after they saw what it was able to do for sales. :)

  • Brad Krause_13404
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    We use pipedrive for new sales, sales to existing clients, and renewal of annual contracts. We will also be expanding it for using it to manage customer issues using a separate 'Service' pipeline in addition to our 'Sales' pipeline.

    What do you mean by 'Manage'? Are you selling to current customers? or are you looking to use it to crack customer issues?


  • Julia Wester_34171
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    We are also evaluating Pipedrive for CS as much as for sales. We are a small company and most of our sales are driven through marketplaces. We haven't had a sales team yet though this may set us up to have one. But, we do want to have our high value accounts curated through a CS lifecycle. They may grow the license use numbers in their accounts but even if they don't we want to track their goals, issues, satisfaction, contacts, interactions, etc. We basically want to manage the relationship (thus a CRM tool).


  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Viðskiptaráð Íslands , great topic you brought up here!

    Check out these articles dedicated to Customer Success in our blog, they might inspire you. 

  • Justus Lubahn
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    Since there wasn't much feedback here and we have a similar issue, I created a new Post and pinged Pipedrive directly, especially Mike van der Valk who is responsible for a project management tool from what I heard. I hope we get some more input there.

    New Post:

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