Need a Year-To-Date Goal Progress Report


The Insights has some nice features but it's still missing a lot.  Currently there is a goal report where each rep can put in their annual sales target and the see what their monthly sales target is and how they did each month.  But, it does not show them how they are doing year to date.  Example: 2 months of the year have gone by, in January the rep did not hit the sales goal, but in February they surpassed their goal - so, how are they doing so far this year?  We have no idea! The system needs to show this and if the rep is on track year to date to hit their annual goal or not, and if not by how much.

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    @Edward Lazaruk thank you for your feedback, I can see how  that would be useful and give you a more immediate idea of each user's progress. 

    I've forwarded your suggested internally so it can be taken in consideration in future developments.