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Hello Community,

As you know Pipedrive is improving more and more in making your life easier by integrating lots of Softwares & Applications into the CRM.

I know there is a big challenge and request to integrate LINE and this is on progress ! 

NOW I want to know from you which tools & App you wish to see into Pipedrive to help your business.

If there is a big demand, Pipedrive may take into consideration our request :)

Thank you for sharing. 




  • Lyzee Manitta
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    We really need (and have been requesting since August 2017), the ability to filter and export products. 

  • Toulon nicolas manuel
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    Hello ,

    Line and whats app its perfect ,we use this 2 application a lot ,even line i use more than email :)

    A lot of our bussiness is made with line .

    Warm regards 

  • Daniel Axelbaum
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    Yes WhatsApp for sure.  We have a lot of international clients that prefer WhatsApp.