Workflow Automation - "Send email using template" - Use current user email

Priscilla Gamboa
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I have several automations with "Triggered by any user" enabled. 

This automations send an email with the "Send email using template". No matter who triggers the automation,  the email is always sent with my email (always uses the email of the user who created the automation).

I would like that the emails were sent using the current user synchronized email.


  • Brad Krause_13404
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    Yep, The automation email is always sent using the email in the account that the automation exists. If you want it to send from some else's email you need to build the automation in that pipedrive account.

    For internal email notifications I always put: AUTOMATION : subject here

    in the subject line so people know it is a pipedrive notification at a glance since it is always from my email address. I recommend then that people create a rule in their email program as well to pin those messages to the top or put them in a folder to consolidate them. 




  • Esteban Gallegos Badilla
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    They should add this option, it’s easy to implement (send email with current user), right now we have to repeat automations just because we want the email from clause ser to the current user.

  • Jan Wendenburg
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    I have the same problem that the email is always sent by the user who built the automation. 

    It is impossible to replicate all workflow to all users and to keep it in sync. This is a very bad application design. Does anyone know if there is an update on this? 

    If not, we will have to switch to HUPSPOT :-( 

  • osman
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    ++ Any update on here. This is a glaring gap in the automation process

  • Agreed, this is badly thought through design

  • Pipedrive this issue was raised 2 years ago. Despite it being a glaringly bad design choice, you've havn't deemed it worthy of commenting on.


    Your response is required. It's simply not good enough that you ignore your customers like this. Response please.