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I have a team member who created an account separate from the one I created for him in our shared Mailigen account, same email. Seems that an existing email should prompt an error message. Now, he has two accounts and can't access the one he actually needs to get into as it seems it's not recognizing he has two. He's done work in the separate one including template development that now I can't access for an upcoming deployment. Support told him there's no way to merge nor provide him info on how to access the other account. Can you please help? Any way to delete the most recent one? I'm asking him to pull the code into a text file now for me to import into my account. @Gints Branks Thanks!


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    Hi Suzanne, 

    Seems like your colleague has one account which is registered on his email and then he is a sub-user in the main/your account. 

    Is the "Switch Account" option available for your colleague? He just needs to make sure if he is working in the correct one. If he wants, he can delete the trial account on his email (by logging in and Closing account in the settings) and just use your account with his own login as a sub-user. 

    This article explains how to share templates between Mailigen accounts- 

    Let me know how it goes!