Mailigen email design - correct rendering in mobile view

We're currently trialling Mailigen having used Mailchimp for many years.

✅ I have (just about) got my head around Lists/Segments and how best to use integrated with Pipedrive (P.S. segments are the way to go if you want to control email marketing status in Pipedrive and relay it to Mailigen - see this post)

❌ I am now trying to figure out template design. I have done a fairly good job of recreating what we had in Mailchimp but the UX and functionality don't come close to Mailchimp. Currently struggling with getting the emails to render properly in mobile view (testing with Outlook and Gmail mobile apps). Single column containers/frames work absolutely fine. When I come to use 2/3 column containers it all falls to pieces for mobile - help! Is there something I am doing wrong / any guides written for using Mailigen designer? I've done a bit of searching and couldn't find anything.

@Gints Branks   @Janis Rozenblats - can you help me?

If anyone else has any advice please let me know 😊

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