Viewing customers who do not have a "Meeting done"

I'm having issues making a filter to find contacts for whom no meetings were ever marked as done. Quite difficult to find companies who were never visited when running a team of sales reps. 

I have to export the activities in an excel and do a pivot table to find this info. 

You would imagine being able to do it via Pipedrive and not to export in excel. 

Be sure to post it on the community, and if it gets enough votes, it will be solved, lol 

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  • Filipe Portela
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    Hi Tudor, hope you are well.

    You can use a filter perhaps like this one?



    If this still doesn't work for you please let me know, or otherwise feel free to contact our Support team on [email protected] and we will do our best to get you the filter you need without having to resort to Excel :) 


  • Tudor Dragancea
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    Dear Filipe,

    What about Organisations that have Done activities, but none that are Meetings ?

    I contacted the support and I was suggested to post about my issues here and if enough likes were collected, pipedrive support would find it in their hearts to help :)