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Hi Jorge & Pipedrive team. This is Frank Yang. I am in the financial service industry, I've been looking for a good CRM system for me and my team for a while. We've been using G-contact plus G-spreadsheet for a long time and have a lot of contacts in different groups....  We need to find something that can seamlessly migrate and sync with G-contacts.  If we can make it work, I will introduce your system to a lot of my teammates and friends who are in similar situation...   we did a lot of testing on your CRM, 95% things looks very good, but there is a big missing piece,  we like to give you one important feedback, hope  you can add this important feature in the near future. 

We've already given some feedback to your support team. They suggest me to add input here directly so you can hear directly from us. 

Good things about Pipedrive is it does allow only Sync selected group, not like some other CRM it has to be all or nothing... On the other hand,  the problem is they cannot label them properly in Pipedrive like the way we organized our group in G-contact after the contact gets migrated to Pipedrive CRM. 

Imagine I have close to 3K contacts with more than 15 groups, if I try to do the migration, and the new system won't be able to label them as their original label,  I have to manually create another 15 label to separate my 3k contacts one by one to regroup them in the new system. That's mission impossible!!!!   

To keep you a simple example to understand what we like to have:  let us I just use 4 label to make my points: Prospects, Clients, Providers, Friends. if I migrate all the contact from G-contact into Pipedrive, they will only be grouped in one label. We checked with your team, they said the system only can create one group, it just cannot create multiple label like what G-contacts does... The only way we regroup them is we manually add many other customized label one by one for all the 3000 contacts, it's inconvenient, time consuming, and a loooooot of work!!!! Plus if I update my contact with the new label here in Pipedrive, it also cannot sync the label info back to my G-contacts...

Hope I can get some feedback from your engineering team and management soon to see if they will be able to make this feature available. We very much like to make decision to use your system but the data migration is too painful...     


Hope to hear from you soon!

If you like to talk to me for more details, feel free to email me or call me. Thanks!





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