"Deal" title in event details visible to client

Curt Green
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We're syncing Google Calendar and have selected "show contact and deal info". We do this so that we can see the task details in the calendar without having to go to pipedrive. The downside of this is that when we create an event and invite the client, they now see "Deal: [deal title]" in the event invite:


I would think that most clients probably don't want to see themselves as "deals". Please consider one of these options:

  1. Allowing us to edit the term "deal" in Pipedrive (for example, we could call it "service")
  2. Removing the field title "Deal" from the invite (showing only the data)
  3. Removing all of the field titles from the invite (showing only the data)
  4. Removing the "Deal" line from the calendar description altogether 
  5. Allowing us to choose which fields are included in the invite



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