Workflow Automation - Internal Emails When a Deal Moves Stages

It would be great if in workflow automation we could select internal team members to get an email when a deal hits a certain stage. For example, when a deal goes from needs analysis to negotiation in the pipeline, It would be great if that would trigger an email to my internal operations team that they need to start planning for resources on this opportunity. 

This is critical to letting my operations team know what might close and be ready. 

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  • Brad Krause_13404
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    That's a great Idea but I have a suggestion for you based on my own experience with pipedrive. Rather than expecting action to be taken based on an email notification create activities in pipedrive and assign them to those that need to take action instead. 

    For example all of my proposals/estimates are prepared by an estimator. We also use reception for entering contact data into our other business management software for now which is done at the point we will be creating a proposal for a prospect. 

    We have an activity called 'support' short for support request.

    When I need a proposal created I create a 'support' activity and assign it to the estimator. since I almost always deal with new opportunities I have a second 'support' activity automatically created off that to send to reception for them to verify the data matches what I have in pipedrive. 

    Then once they mark the activities as complete there are automations that move it to the review stage, etc. 

    The activity is attached to the deal with all the info at their fingertips. Way better than an email notification and it's a reminder in activities. 

    Im this case the activity date we put in is when the proposal is due for the estimator and in the case of reception the date is simply the same day for them to verify and update any contact into in our other system.