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Hi Folks,

I just want to give an important Feedback, few times I have forward this comment to Pipedrive so they can work on it and I am hoping to see it coming :)

I find it very relevant to see in the list view Pipeline, the display of the products so you can have an overall picture of your Business. For the moment only the Organization, People and Deal Data field are possible to display. This is a recurrent comment I also have from my customers (Partner here).

I know a lot of new features are work-in-progress this year but it this going to be possible in the coming months or not ?


Thank you !





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  • Frits Strating_6654
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    Hi Geoffrey, This feature would be very nice. We are asking for that for almost 4 years. Nothing has changed on this. 

    Hopefully they will listen now.

    Cheers Frits