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Brett Craig
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I track though Pipedrive. I'll either open whan I get a notification or periodically through the sales assistant. In addition, it will only allow you to see certain amount of opens. For instance, I had one contact with 108 opens. I could view the most recent ones then it would say 97 more opens...but I could not scroll down to see the additional open dates and times. Which would still be frustrating because I'm not sure how many of the 108 openings are authentic. The majority have the same date and open time.

Another question, when I open the sales assistant to review emails open, is there a faster way of reviewing than having to scroll down repeatedly. For instance, when I open the email to get more details, I'll close then I have to open sales assistant again and scroll down to the next opened email. I got the following response from your support team...

"I see what you mean it's not the most user friendly feature but that is actually a great point I can see how you and other users would benefit from a change in that, I will pass the feedback to the product developers you can do the same here:"

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    Thank you for posting your input here @Brett Craig , we honestly appreciate it and it helps us make Pipedrive better. I can see how the user experience for email tracking notifications can be improved.

    I've made sure your feedback reaches our team internally so it can be taken into consideration when new developments are made. This is where we make all product update announcements, make sure to follow them:

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