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David Cross
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The ability for us to create and use fully customized HTML/CSS email templates in PipeDrive would allow us to send out branded emails that are properly formatted to our requirements.

"Templates" currently refers to the text used in an email but isn't really adequate of a sophisticated email marketing platform.

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  • Brad Krause_13404
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    Yeah, The emailing and templates within pipedrive isn't really meant or suited for email marketing but more for sales follow-up and prospecting. Pipedrive purchased mailigen which has pretty good integration with pipedrive. Maybe check that out as an option for email marketing. 

  • Justus Lubahn
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    I think we have the same issue with our signatures. They're formatted in HTML and therefore look terrible when copied into pipedrive. We have to use a screenshot of our Outlook-Signature instead, which of course kills the links, etc.