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Hi to all, 
i've some questions/suggestions about "leads inbox":

  • is it possible to export leads?
  • is it possible to manage columns (move, add, hides, etc)?
  • is it possible to add more than one note?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Fabrizio Nicolosi !

    Currently you can import leads from a spreadsheet and we're working on making the leads List View more like what you're used to in the rest of the tool (choosing columns, exporting). To export leads, right now your best bet is to use our API endpoints.

    And of course more than one note can be added, try it out :)

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  • Giovanni Gori
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    Hi to all,


    I was wondering if you are considering creating a "stage" structure for the LEADS INBOX similar to the one for the pipeline of deals. At the moment the work done on the leads is totally lost as you cannot filter to see at what stage you are with each deal. It's a function that is standard on other CRM (Zoho for instance) and it helps to monitor and appreciate the work done on the Lead management. What are your thoughts on this?