Workflow automation based on unopened email

Sharon Petersil
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Can I create workflow automation based on the status email tracking? For example, if the original email was not opened in 3 days can it be resent?



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    Hey Sharon,

    Using Klenty you can create this workflow automation as well.

    Say you reach out to 100 prospects and 70 have opened the mails, through playbooks option in klenty you can send subsequent mails to them. For the remaining 30 prospects who have not opened the mail the same email can be sent.

    If you can elaborate on your use case we can help you set up the automation.

    You can book a short demo here. DEMO

    Or signup for the free trial here. Trial


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    Hi @Sharon for the moment you can trigger only the number of mails linked for a specific deal. For example if you send the mail the counter goes to 1 and if you receive an answer the counter goes to 2 and so on.

    If you do a workflow you can set the counter and you can send another mail if the counter stay to 1 for 3 days. Let me know if you need help.

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    Hey hey, @Sharon 

    Hope you are having a lovely day so far.

    Vladimir is here to help.

    Indeed, there is no built in feature that will allow you automating emails based on it being opened by a customer.

    We are actively working on integrating that feature to Pipedrive however, that will take a bit of time. We are taking the functionality from Mailigen (the company also belongs to Pipedrive).

    But, you do not have to wait when Mailigen will be integrated - you can try it already on 


    Have a nice weekend,

    Kind regards,


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    Was there any progress on this?