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good morning all.  Hope you are healthy and safe.  I integrated the google drive with pipedrive this weekend but then noticed in order to email a file from pipe drive once downloaded form google to clients file, you have to save the filed to your desk top then you can drag into the email.  is there a plan to be able to attach file straight from google drive?  to me this seems pointless to have google drive when you still have to save to your computer before attaching a file to email in pipe drive.  any feed back would be appreciated


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  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @chris wilson I just saw your other post as well. There's no immediate plan but I'll share your feedback with our team here. Again, thanks for sharing!

  • Evangelina
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    another suggestion to the above is that, once you have a template you can also attached the document otherwise you have to look for it every time you use it...

  • Erik Lindholm
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    The google drive integration is not good. I Ended up turning it off because all it does is create another google drive folder for Pipedrive files that you have to maintain. If I upload them directly to Pipedrive, I can preview and download them seamlessly from any device. 

    Great idea, poor execution.