Labels in Forecast View

Can you please make the label on a deal visible at the top level of the Forecast view?  

This would give much better context without having to click into each individual deals.



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  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
    edited March 2021 #2

    You can use filter to see specific label in forecast view

  • Ewan Ferguson
    Ewan Ferguson Posts: 6
    edited March 2021 #3


    I totally appreciate you can filter.  My request however is a bit more high level than that.  I would literally like to see the label for each deal as soon as I click into the forecast view.  That way I could get a sense of the deals in a quarter for example all at the same time.

    With regards to filtering though I think it would be better if the label were more like hashtags and they could be used for arbitrary filtering straight from the search box.  I will perhaps add this as a separate feature request.


  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
    edited March 2021 #4

    Yes i've understand but since at the moment it cannot be done I would suggest the other way. Bye!