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Martin Baille
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Hello Pipedrive community!
I am looking for the best Data Integration tool . Do you have any advice on which are the best to use with Pipedrive?

Thanks so much!


  • Boris Tsibelman
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    What tool are you looking to pull data from or to?

    There are multiple options depending on what your looking to do... 

  • Florian buguet-francois
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    Hi @Martin Baille ,

    Florian, Co-Founder of Whaly here. 

    It strongly depends on what you are trying to measure and the amount of data preparation/processing you need.

    If low, then a quick (and a bit dirty) way to do it is to take a free spreadsheet connector, then plug it into Google Data Studio (or another dashboard tool).

    If high, Whaly lets you process and automate reports on top of multiple tools (eg. Pipedrive, Airtable, Postgres, Facebook, etc.) without coding. For instance, I automated reports from my CRM, Airtable, and Google Analytics data to measure my acquisition funnel.

    Whaly will be free on Pipedrive. I welcome feedback or questions!