Group email automation - Add Pipedrive Calendar Link as a merge field in email templates

We use the same email sequence for automation across all users with the same templates- however, each user has to make their own automations and email templates in order to have their unique Pipedrive scheduling link. This could be easily streamlined by having the pipedrive calendar link as a dynamic field in templates. 

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  • Tim Kirsch
    Tim Kirsch Posts: 1
    edited June 21 #2

    This should easily be done. All components are already within PD. I am surprised this is not available.

  • Unai Solar
    Unai Solar Posts: 1
    edited July 14 #3

    Is there any update on this? It would be very useful... We currently have a very small sales team, and it is already a pain. Every time there's a change in the workflows we have to make sure the changes are done in each account. I can't even imagine if we had 10+ sales reps.