Add google slides and google sheets as document templates

I can't be the only one missing slides on the documents feature.

Slides/Powerpoint e a format that a considerable amount of people use to send their proposals on.

Google sheets are great for following the process and take notes of the qualification meetings. So I miss those too.


Is it possible to support these formats? Thanks.


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  • James Blackler
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    We would also like to see this integrated as google docs simply doesn't offer enough to make our proposals look professional.  We are currently using Proposify but we want to be able to have Pipedrive create our table of products in our proposal which Proposify cannot support. 




  • Inês Frade
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    Hello Tiago and James,

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I will forward it to our developers :)
    We really appreciate all feedback you can send us!

    Thank you!