More customizable lead inbox

Joel Craig
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It would be great to see a more customizable lead inbox view, as in add more fields and adjust the layout etc. etc. I reckon it should be similar to the deals view. 

Who agrees with me on this?

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hello @Joel Craig  , thank you for your feedback! I have added the topic Feedback & Suggestions to your post about the Lead inbox, so your request is automatically forwarded internally to our developers as a note for consideration 📝


    In the meantime I recommend:

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    🛠Feel free to join  Research and Beta Testing  for the chance to try out early versions and give us your opinion about new and improved features before they go live 🛠

  • Joel Craig
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    Hello @Manuel Oliveira @Iiris admin , we used the leads inbox extensively nowadays and we would like to see it have the same functionality as deals.