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I think it would be really helpful for the product feature to work out how much profit is earned on each deal. 

For example, if i am selling pens for £2.00, but it costs me 0.50p to create/manufacture them, it would be easier if Pipedrive worked out that for each pen sold i would be making £1.50 profit to give me a better snapshot on the deal. 

Does that make sense? Hoping Pipedrive add this feature soon, as it must be quite a simple fix?


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  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You can input costs into the product fields, but the Pipedrive product does not do calculations at the moment.


    You would still need to export this data and run the formulas in excel. 

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hello @Elliot O'Neill  , thank you for your feedback! I have added the topic Feedback & Suggestions  to your post, so your request is automatically forwarded internally to our developers as a note for consideration 📝


    In the meantime I recommend:

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