Logical functions in Pipedrive

Thomas Schalow
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Hi everybody,
I'm looking for a way to add logical functions in pipedrive like IF FIELD a=x and FIELD b=y THAN FIELD c=z.
For example IF COUNTRY = UK + SEGMENT = Marketing Manager OR Sales Manager THAN TARGETGROUP=UK Marketing 

Is this possible with Pipedrive? What solutions are you using for similar problems?

Thank you!


  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    Hi Thomas the solutions is to create filter with that condition and then create a workflow that triggers that filter. 

    For example create a filter with condition UK + Segment and call the filter "UK+Segment". At the end create a workflow that trigger filter is "uk+segment" and action is TARGETGROUP=UK Marketing 

    Let me know if it's clear

  • Thomas Schalow
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    Hi Fabrizio, 

    thanks for that. Seems really easy and straight forward. I'll try out the workflow function. So fast I was thinking about Zapier or automation.io connection.

    Thank you very much

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