Workflow Automation to Replace One Label with Another

Thomas A. Evans
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To help better manage the Leads Inbox, I would like functionality such as the following: 

If a Lead is marked with "Label A" and a user edits this Lead record and adds the label, "Label B", then "Label A" is deleted/removed from the Lead record. Is this possible?

Also, it is unclear what the difference is between the workflow automation lead labels triggers options of  "Lead labels (before update)" vs. "Lead labels". Can this be clarified please?



  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    Hi Thomas you cannot delete labels with an automation, but you can receive e mail with that label and one time a week you delete all by hand.

    The difference between "Lead labels (before update)" and "Lead labels" is that if an automation changes a label you can choose the label first of automation runs. Hope it's clear.

  • Mark L
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    @Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821 - how do you achieve " an automation changes a label ", I'm unable to get this to occur.

  • Jacobposey
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    I ran into something like this and created a single select field at the person level to accomplish this. For example, if they were in a follow up email automation I created a custom field that said are they are in email follow up sequence Yes/No and at the start of the automation I changed this to yes, and then at the end I changed this to no.

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