Notes as trigger for automations

It would be great if not only activities could be triggered for automation but also notes! Is there anything planned like this for the future? 

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  • Fabrizio Nicolosi_33821
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    What's your needs?

  • Julia Bernstein_32586
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    What's your needs?

    Since I'm using Mailigen actions there are reported via notes in Pipedrive. Once for example a specific mail campaign was send the information is visible in notes in Pipedrive which I'd like to use as a trigger for an activity (make a call, etc.). 

  • Nicki Kane
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    Hi Julia,

    I've set up a zap so that when I put in a note into pipedrive, it automatically copies that note with who it's regarding and emails my support team so they're in the loop with activities, so perhaps you could set it to send an email to whoever needs to make the call/do the activity etc? One quirk of this though- if you use a comma, it will split the note into two text attachments- not a major but took me by surprise!