Custom fields for Goals. Necessary for us.



Hi @Seda  Hope all is well.

We have been digging into insights and goals lately. We will be using insight reporting a little different than most to accomplish what we need since we are more dependant on a seasonal sales cycle and deals for specific seasons are often created outside that season and it's too clumsy to be adjusting deal creating dates and won times.

We added a single option custom field to deal details called "Season" : 2001, 2002, 2003, etc. 

We build our performance reports for the different divisions around this and plan to build new reports each year for those seasons.

We don't have the option to search periods to see accurate numbers using the period selection in insights. We use our season condition. 

This brings me to GOALS. We need the option to use our 'Season' field as a condition to set goals.

Unless of course there is a solution for adjusting the deal creation and won times that is less clumsy. Maybe based on our season field. 

As important, we use a custom deal details field to define the type of service being sold that there are different goals for. Landscape maintenance, Landscape construction, 1x maintenance, enhancements (upsells at existing sites), snow, etc. All have separate goals by person. 

I'm happy to send a Loom or do a zoom call if you are having trouble following this. 


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    Hi @Brad Krause  if you haven't done so yet, please reach out to our Support team directly. They will be able to look into your specific case with you and confirm if there is any existing workaround you can try 💡 👩‍💻 

    For urgent or technical issues Support is the most adequate and quickest channel of communication, as the Community is more focused on exchanging knowledge, best practices and ideas. Thank you!