Intercom or Pipedrive for Live chat?

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Hi, can anyone help, I am / was planning on moving everything into pipedrive, I've been using it for a while to manage the deals side of things and see the insights, but I am trialing the lead generation side of things and especially the live chat via leadbooster. We currently use intercom, and there is lots I like about the live chat in pipedrive, but I cant quite get past the fact that if my team are all chatting to clients in pipedrive, there is no way for me to see the chats and therefore advise or help them, unless they reassign to someone else or close them. Then once closed, there is no way to reopen, even if closed in error, which having a team of people using intercom, I know happens a lot. I asked in pipedrive help how they manage it and apparently they use intercom for live chat too, which doesn't fill me with confidence for switching platforms! These 2 things seem so fundamental, that the main admin user should have oversight of all conversations and that you should be able to reopen once closed. How are people getting around this?



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    Hi @Savvy Management Team , thank you for your post and feedback. You raise a good point regarding using Intercom vs using Pipedrive's Live Chat feature!

    These are actually tools with different purposes: Intercom is a dedicated chat tool with a very strong customer support component, which is why our own support team is using it. However the Pipedrive Live Chat feature is focused on Lead acquisition first and foremost, and that is why it comes included as part of the Leadbooster lead acquisition add-on (along with other lead-acquisition tools). So we see it as a matter of using the best tool for the job at hand 🛠 

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    Hi @Savvy Management Team, just picking this up as we're looking for the best chatbot to sync with pipedrive for our sales team. I am concerned about lack of admin oversight that you flagged and I am curious if you stayed with Intercom or made the switch to Leadbooster or another app?

    Best wishes