Big flaw with "Is not" filter conditions' logic

Using the "Is not" condition in a filter has proven in disparate situations to be confusing at best or unusable at worst and definitely hasn't provided the output that we expected it to. Maybe it's just that expect it like this, which is why I'd like to understand if other users have the same expectation or not.


Situation: I have 5 pipelines and want to see a list of deals of only pipelines 1, 3 and 5. I create a deal filter with 2 conditions: Deal > Pipeline > Is not > 2 and Deal > Pipeline > Is not > 4.
Expected behaviour: I get a list with deals only from pipelines 1, 3 and 5.
Actual behaviour: I get a list with deals from all pipelines.

Based on the feedback I got from customer support, using multiple "Is not" conditions in a filter ends up causing those conditions to annul themselves. This doesn't seem like any filtering logic that I've encountered before, especially when Pipedrive has separate filter sections for AND and OR conditions:

Customer support feedback
You can see the Sales Qualification pipeline still being shown on the right



Situation: Whenever a contact schedules a call with us using our Pipedrive scheduler link, an activity with the type "Scheduler call" is created. I wanted to get a list of contacts who never had that activity associated with them. I create a person filter with the condition Activity > Type > Is not > Scheduler call.
Expected behaviour: I get a list with only the contacts who never had that activity.
Actual behaviour: I get a list with all contacts that have ever had at least one activity that is not Scheduler call.

The reason why this one is important to us is that we use Outfunnel for email automation, and it sends emails to contacts that fall under a certain filter. We would like to stop sending emails to that contact immediately after they book a call with us, which is what happens when the Scheduler call activity is created. This one can theoretically be circumvented by creating an automation that automatically fills a new field called "Booked a call?" with "Yes" once that person has that activity and then have our filter just include in the results contacts that have that field filled with "Yes". 

However, apart from the obvious hassle of setting that up, a big issue we've had in the past with Pipedrive was that we simply had too many data fields that were not really adding value from a business perspective and were contributing to a lot of data-cluttering, so we took measures to make our Pipedrive data structure a lot leaner. Adding new fields as workarounds just seems to be a step back in regards to that mentality.

Any input (from either Pipedrive or other community members) is appreciated. Once again, it could be that we just have very specific use-cases, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on that. It's also possible that we're simply approaching all of this wrongly :)

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    Hello @Pedro Pereira!

    Thank you for bringing this up! In your case the first filter should work correctly as you are filtering out from Deal list view and using Deal fields (Pipelines) as conditions. I have asked a Support agent also reply you in the same conversation about the filter and if we could check further the issue!

    However, the second one indeed is working as expected, just because you are filtering out under Person list view, but using Activity conditions. So it will indeed check for all linked activities from the Person and when finding even 1 that is not the mentioned type, it will bring out the Contact. I understand also that using Custom fields for different data can sometimes be cluttering, but if you need to integrate with Outfunnel and have be able to filter out this data all the time - I really suggest creating a custom field for this use case.

    I will also share these examples with our Product team to see how we can improve our Filter logic in the future!