Pipedrive does not import empty fields from Excel

Frank Abreu
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Pipedrive is an easy and powerful program but many times to work data is easier and much flexible in Excel and one thing i have tried but does not work is exporting lets say the People Table with Label feature to excel spreadsheet and then remove some labels from some people when i try to import back to Pipedrive i see those removed Labels are not removed and stay the same. I asked a tech in Pipedrive and he told me is the way is defined so it would be fine that Pipedrive really takes the information in excel and replicate it, in this case if I remove a data in a field and leave it EMPTY that pipedrive also remove it when i import it back


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    Hi @Frank Abreu 

    This is indeed how it works right now. If you leave a field empty, it will be skipped. This is actually done to avoid accidentally deleting data that shouldn't have been deleted. There is no revert/undo button in Pipedrive so this would be quite a problem if we deleted something that shouldn't have been.

    However, for your use case there's a much simpler solution which would be to just do  a bulk edit  on the label fields and remove the values from all those you've selected. Could you tell me if this would work for you?