Ability to add guests when creating an activity in a Zap

Paul McClenaghan
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Hi there, I was wondering if there's a plan to add the ability to add a guest to an invite when it's created as part of a Zap? Or if someone has found a workaround?

I'm using Calendly over the PD scheduler (my client doesn't want branding plus we're embedding the Calendly scheduler in our website). In the Zap I can set the Calendly event creation as a trigger, find/update the related Deal and then create a new activity with the meeting details from Calendly and tie that with the deal. So far so good. What I don't have the option to do is add the guest (or invitee) to that activity so they get a PD invite email.  I would have expected that field to be included when setting up the action so that I could use the Invitee from Calendly there. 

The other problem I have which is kind of related to this type of workflow is that I do see the calendar event which was created by Calendly in Pipedrive since it's all synched with Google Calendar (e.g. both Calendly and Pipedrive are synched). But the issue with this is that that event isn't tied with any deal. 

I can think of a few workarounds where perhaps I could create a manual task reminder to assign a newly created event to a deal. Or visa versa, switch off the calender sync with Calendly, get PD activities created and set a reminder to add the guest but that's far from ideal. 

Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Vera Rosado
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    Hey @Paul McClenaghan
    Thank you for your thoughts and feedback about Zapier integration and the activity Guests, at the moment we do not have this as an option available in our API Endpoints, but I will pass this internally to our developers so they can consider this new option to be add in the future. 

    About some Workaround, I believe we can make this happen if we change a little bit the way your Zap is created at the moment. 

    We cannot add a guest to Pipedrive activities but we can do it to Google Calendar, so here my idea:

    Calendly  Invitee Created
    1- Create google call event (with the guests) 
    2- Delay 5 minutes (to give time to have the activity created on Pipedrive) 
    3- Find activity 
    4- Find person 
    5 - Find deal 
    6 - Update activity (match the ID's from previous steps) 

    Here a Screenshot so you can have a visual idea: https://sharing.pipedrive.com/Ok4uJq

    Please reach out to our support in case you need any further assistance with this Zap, have a look on how to do it here

  • Paul McClenaghan
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    Hi Vera, 

    Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. In the end I managed to find a workaround but it was very similar to your solution which would definitely be another way to go about this. 

    In my version, I don't have the Google calendar step because I have synched my calendar with Pipedrive so any events that are added from Calendly already appear as activities. I just needed to figure out a way to tie those activities with deals so I ended up implementing an extra calendly field that is pre-filled with a unique ID that's already been sent to Pipedrive when the deal was created. I was then able to accurately match the calendly event with the deal and then find the activity and assigned that to the deal. 

    All good fun and it seems to work okay so far. 

    Thanks again!