Add a "No Good" Label to email and phone number

David Mander
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Since we can't seem to get a custom label for emails and phone numbers, can you add a label that is "Verified" and one that is "No Good" so we can keep non-working numbers. When I delete phone numbers and emails, then ask my admin to find me additional numbers, sometimes I get the bad numbers again, but had deleted them previously because there was no label to mark them bad.

First choice would be to be able to edit the current labels with a custom label, but if that requires too much, just add a couple extra options.]


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  • Katie Haystead
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    I agree, we just made custom fields for “unsubscribe” however a label for an email address would have been nice. 

  • Mo Rea
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    Yeah and if you delete the emails then you don't see the email thread in deal detail

  • David Mander
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    I agree, we just made custom fields for “unsubscribe” however a label for an email address would have been nice. 

    yes because I want to keep all the emails in one place, not create a new field in other places

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi everyone, thank you for your input! 

    I've made sure to communicate it internally to our team so they can consider it when working on future improvements. This is where we make all product update announcements, make sure to follow them:

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