Pipedrive Roundtable: Benefits of multiple Pipelines

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Join our Roundtable on Friday, April the 30th at 08:30 - 09:30 PST / 17:30 - 18:30 CET!

Last time, we had more than 10 people joining in!

This weeks topic: Benefits of multiple Pipelines!

- What are the benefits of multiple Pipelines?
- How can you efficiently handle them?
- What about Automations?
- Can you chain Pipelines? How?
- Including multiple workflows into Pipedrive, not only Sales
- and more! 

Join our Roundtable every 2nd Friday, where we share tips, insights and help each other with our different use cases!

Friday, every two weeks, we get together to improve our Pipedrive Skills!

For an invite, send an E-Mail to jeremy.gulley@strategtech.com or j.lubahn@the-platform-group.com.

Vote on Topics here: https://pollunit.com/polls/_xlnx1ajknmlk3lgytx_gw

We always pick the topic with the most votes, so feel free to check the topic of the next meeting ahead of time and hop in, if it is something you care about!

Also feel free to create new topic suggestions!

Again, for an invite, send an E-Mail to jeremy.gulley@strategtech.com or j.lubahn@the-platform-group.com

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